Oscar is our sweet rag doll boy. He is soft as a bunny, purrs like a racecar, and you'll get lost in his deep sky blue eyes. He loves to welcome visitors and picks his favorites. If he has picked you then you know! Just watch out for the little stinker trying to sneak out with you when you leave!

Bonnie McFurry

Bonnie is our gorgeous, loving, Persian, little doll. She is the friendliest, most loving little squishface you ever did see. This ball of fluff does a great job being the Journey mascot and ambassador. She takes this role seriously and makes sure to connect with every person who comes through her door.


Rufio is one of our majestic Maine Coon's. Like Oscar, Rufio picks certain people he loves and loves them hard. At times aloof and chirpy, and at others can't get snuggly enough. You'll see him patrolling the hallways and lazing on the couch.


Link is our sassy little Maine Coon kitten. He is at that age where he loves to play hard, then needs to have some nappy snuggles to recharge. He is still in training and will begin coming to the office more and more for practice. So stay tuned for more Link around the office.


Phoebe is our Mullican Cockatoo who loves to say "hi" to everyone she meets. Her friendly welcome puts a smile on everyone's face. If you get a chance to pet this sweet girl you will understand how special she is. The most gentle hearted kind girl that she is.

Damian Lizard

Damian Lizard hangs out in his tank at the end of the hallway. When not mowing down on crickets he loves basking in the "sun" while sitting on his warm rock.